About Us

Ecodesign s.r.l. of Matera is committed to ensure the quality of the materials provided to its clients at every stage of the production process, providing them with not only regenerated granules with defined characteristics that remain constant over time, but also offering our services for the use of the product itself; In fact, we supported some customers who did not use the regenerated polyethylene or used it only minimally.

We are all involved in information and training activities of the employees both for issues imposed by the legislation, and to make the staff aware of the influence of their actions on the quality of the materials provided.

We carry out the monitoring, control and measures to reduce the consumption of energy resources.

We pay close attention to the changes in regulations, technical and manufacturing processes, as well as sales in order to be in a position to meet the legislative requirements and the customers’ needs.

We are part of CARPI, the Autonomous Italian Plastic Recycling Consortium, a private consortium that brings together some of the most important Italian companies operating in the plastics recycling supply chain, recycling and recovering plastic waste (recyclers), production of packaging and products made of plastic (producers), and collection of plastic waste (collectors). logo Carpi

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